The Lion Trees, Part 2: Awakening

The Lion Trees, Part 2: Awakening - Owen Thomas I was given a free copy for an honest review.

The conclusion to the epic family drama. This was very interesting, especially David's story. I had no idea how it would go down.

Hollis was an idiot, and he lost everything. It was so sad. The story of the fish was shocking. I can't believe he never reminisced about it.

I'm glad Susan finally stood up for herself and did what she believed in.

Tilly was still a dumb sloot. I wanted to skip her chapters, but I stuck through it in the end. She just can't be happy.

An amazing read, but part 2 has multiple spelling and grammar errors. Your and you're especially. It was just something that bugged me. Part 1 didn't have nearly as much errors.