The Lion Trees, Part 1: Unraveling

The Lion Trees, Part 1: Unraveling - Owen Thomas I was given a free copy for an honest review.

This book is an epic about a family. Arrested Development sprang to my mind, with the family being so dysfunctional.

Hollis is a retired man who thinks he is wise and above everyone else. He starts to lose it completely. Susan is a martyr who complains endlessly about her husband. She starts to withdraw. Tilly is a Hollywood starlet who is promiscuous and a bit dumb, despite her education. She has a huge scandal. David is a high school teacher who is mediocrity itself. He too gets in a scandal, only worse. I think I know who the real ""DJ"" is in David's story, but I have to find out in the next part.

A warning : This book is LONG. An epic book. Both parts, according to my Fire, would take 50 hours of reading to complete. It is very worth it. Written with humor, this book had me cracking a wry smile.