Windwalker - Natasha Mostert Windwalkers is a romance novel. I should have read the darn description better, but it is what it is.

As far as romance, this gets pretty cheesy. I avoid romances because of the eye-roll factor alone. It's not the worst romance I have read, however. It is more of a suspense novel. The foreshadowing was obvious as to the ending.

A broken woman named Justine is a new cartaker to a house in the UK. She discovers the house's history and of the man named Adam Buchanan. She can't stop thinking about him and soon learns about his violent past. Adam lives in Namibia and is looking for his lost soul-mate. You can put the two together, as what happens in the novel.

There is suspense, of course. For Adam it's an evil Russian, who clubs seals for god's sake! For Justine it's a creepy stalker who likes to watch her in her house.

Overall this book was OK, Mostert has beautiful writing. But I wasn't really drawn in, like her other books made me.