Amity - Micol Ostow The premise of this book sounded awesome. I have seen all the Amityville movies, even the remakes. I read all the fiction books. I even watched all the documentaries. I was hyped when Netgalley said I was accepted to review this book.

It fell apart midway. This is a YA book, which is fine with me. The subject matter is a bit adult, an abusive father and crazy psycho brother who tortures animals. Then it switches to a Carrie-type girl. Yes, I'm being serious. She has psychic powers. Or thinks she does.

So the story flips between the crazy boy and the ""crazy"" girl. The Amityville house, with the Defeo family is never talked about. I suppose this is before them, or maybe in some alternate reality where the DeFeo murders never happened. The townsfolk are unhelpful asses, like in most small towns in horror movies/novels.

The ending is predictable in the psycho boy's case. Gwen, the Carrie-type girl's ending, isn't. But you never know if what she experiences is real, or if she's just cray.

The book's ending is really rushed, and it keeps flipping back and forth between the two families. The Kindle version has different fonts, so it's easy to see who we're reading about.

I'd suggest this book for older teens who like horror. To compare this to Stephen King is a bit much, but every horror book mentions ""If you like Stephen King you'll like XXX."" I like Stephen King, and no I did not like this book. It was OK.