The Crow: Death and Rebirth

The Crow: Death and Rebirth - Kevin Colden, John Shirley Jamie is a Caucasian man who lives in Tokyo, Japan. His girlfriend Huruko is kidnapped by a technology conglomerate, where her spirit is sucked out of her body, and another woman's spirit is transferred into Huruko's body.

Jamie's friends' spirits are also stolen. Jamie investigates his friends' disappearances and is murdered. He is brought back to the world of the living as the Crow, and to right the wrongs of the evil company.

Jamie must go to Hell - literally - to release all of their souls. He must fight demons, ghosts, and body stealers.

This graphic novel was a good addition the The Crow. The artwork is gritty and cyber punk-ish. The story was gripping and action-packed. The ending is a bit abrupt, but I enjoyed the book and would reccomend it to Crow fans.