Absence of Mind

Absence of Mind - H.C.H. Ritz I was given a free copy for an honest review.

This book is an interesting sci-fi novel. It reminded me of that ""Overlogging"" episode of South Park. People are dependant on their ""Navis"", a technology sort of like smartphones, only implanted in the brain, eyes, and ears.

Phoebe is a nurse that works at a hospital when suddenly a lot of people are brought in behaving aggressively. The hospital is soon overwhelmed, and to make matters worse Phoebe is in a car accident with a manual-driven car driven my a woman named Mila.

When Pheoebe's younger brother Jamie is stricken with ""HAD"" Mila, a programmer for Navi, helps find out what's wrong. The two women soon discover a conspiracy and things get intense.

I really enjoyed this novel. Just so you know, there is same-sex situations, but nothing too explicit. This held my attention and I had to hunch over my Kindle as it was charging because I didn't want to tear my eyes away!