The Pen Name

The Pen Name - David Jacob Knight I was given a free copy for an honest review.

I read the author's second book, The Telephone Company first. I absolutely LOVED it. I saw this on LT after I reviewed the Telephone Company, and rushed to click the giveaway.

This book is very different. It reminded me of Phillip K Dick. Weird bizarre things happen. ""OK this guy is totally cray."" Is Ben crazy or is the world? Just what the HELL is going on?!

The nods to Stephen King are abundant. Since King is my favorite, I loved it. Also, Ben Little. Bentley Little?

Ben Little is an indie author and he wants to hit the big-time. Faustian contract with a big-time author arrives, and of course he doesn't read the fine print. The author texts Ben, and things quickly escalate into strange territory. His wife and disabled son are affected, and things spiral into WTFery quickly.

The Telephone Company was the second best book of 2014 for me. The evil was delicious. The Pen Name has evil, but nowhere near the deliciousness of the Telephone Company. Also, the Pen Name is a bit hard to follow. But it is definately a must read for horror fans. I don't really think of it as a ""thriller.""