High Witch Box Set

High Witch Box Set - Mona Hanna I was given a free copy of this book for an honest review.

The High Witch Box Set is a delightful fantasy trilogy. In the first book, we learn about Ariel. She is a witch hiding out, and she meets Braydon. Braydon recognizes her from his dreams and they are immediately in love. But someone wants Ariel for himself, and Ariel and Braydon both have to stand up for their love.

In the second book, Ariel has a vision about another witch named Hallie. Hallie and her love interest Sean get caught up in things from the first book, when a mysterious warlock demands revenge against Ariel.

In the third and final book, Ariel and Hallie have visions of a prophecy that has devastating consquences for the world. There is a group that wants to stop the four high witches from casting a powerful spell.

These books were chock-full of action and fantasy. The romance was quick, but you get why it was. I couldn't put my Kindle down all night!