The Reluctant Hero

The Reluctant Hero - Jackie Weger I got this book free from StoryFinds and the author in exchange for an honest review.

This was a great read. It is an older book resold in ebook format.

This book blends humor and romance wonderfully. Parnell is an old grump who does *not* want to take Rebecca and her five orphan wards to an adoption expo, but the money is needed badly. The plane crashes and tempers flare between Parnell and Rebecca. They have to work together to survive,and take care of five children to boot!

I read this book in one sitting. The romance takes time to build, which I like. I also like that we are given backstories to the hero and heroine. The characters are fleshed out and I was rooting for Rebecca the whole time. She takes Parnell's insults and hurls it right back at him. Way to go!